The UK offers some wonderful and varied landscapes from the barren mountainous areas in Scotland and the majestic lakes in the Lake District to the rolling green fields of Dorset. 

It is known for its history with tourist attractions such as Stonehenge, The Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.  Its monarchy and the attractions of Buckingham Palace, Holyrood House, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle.  And finally its eclectic architecture displayed in features such as The Gherkin, The houses of Parliament, Forth Rail Bridge, The Brighton Pavillion and the quaint chocolate box cottages in the Cotswolds.  All these features make the UK an ideal holiday location. 

To add to this the UK is increasingly becoming a diverse place to enjoy wining and dining with more varied cuisines becoming available and a wide range of eateries from quaint tea houses and pubs to Michelin starred restaurants, with all this on offer we need never leave it shores.

With such a vast array of places to visit and things to see and do it can become a little daunting starting to research your dog friendly holiday and so we have written a number of short guides to some of our favourite locations.

These location guides provide a snapshot of some of the things we love to do in these dog friendly holiday spots and help to get you in the holiday mood.

If you’d like to let us know of your favourite holiday spots we’d love to hear from you.